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Zombies 2: Werewolves, Cheerleaders, and Zombies Unite

Zombies 2: A Fun and Musical Sequel for Disney Fans

If you are looking for a family-friendly movie that combines comedy, romance, music, dance, and zombies, then you might want to check out Zombies 2, the sequel to the hit Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies. In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about this movie, including its plot, cast, themes, soundtrack, and how to watch it. We will also give you a sneak peek at what to expect from Zombies 3, which is already in the works.

What is Zombies 2?

Zombies is a musical comedy that premiered on Disney Channel in February 2018. It tells the story of Seabrook High School, a town that is divided between humans and zombies after a nuclear accident that caused some people to turn into zombies. The movie follows Zed (Milo Manheim), a zombie who wants to join the football team, and Addison (Meg Donnelly), a human cheerleader who falls in love with him. Together, they try to overcome the prejudice and discrimination that separate their communities.

zombies 2


The Story of Zombies

Zombies ends with Zed and Addison leading a zombie-human dance party that celebrates their unity and diversity. Zombies picks up from where the first movie left off, with Zed planning to ask Addison to Prawn (the school's version of prom) while Addison tries to become the new cheer captain after Bucky (Trevor Tordjman ), the former cheer captain, graduates. However, their plans are disrupted by the arrival of a new group of outsiders: the werewolves. The werewolves are led by Willa (Chandler Kinney), Wyatt (Pearce Joza), and Wynter (Ariel Martin), who are looking for a mysterious power source that they believe is hidden in Seabrook. They also have a connection to Addison, who has a mysterious white hair that she hides under a wig. As Zed and Addison try to figure out their relationship and their identities, they also have to deal with the conflict between the zombies, the humans, and the werewolves.

The Characters of Zombies 2

Here are some of the main characters and their roles in Zombies 2:

  • Zed (Milo Manheim): The protagonist of the movie, a zombie who loves football and Addison. He is friendly, optimistic, and brave, but he also struggles with his insecurities and his jealousy of the werewolves.

  • Addison (Meg Donnelly): The deuteragonist of the movie, a human cheerleader who loves Zed and dancing. She is kind, smart, and adventurous, but she also feels like she doesn't belong anywhere because of her white hair.

  • Willa (Chandler Kinney): The leader of the werewolves, a fierce and loyal alpha who wants to protect her pack and find their power source. She is confident, charismatic, and courageous, but she also has a soft spot for Wyatt.

  • Wyatt (Pearce Joza): The second-in-command of the werewolves, a charming and playful beta who has a crush on Addison. He is friendly, funny, and flirty, but he also respects Willa's authority and Zed's feelings.

  • Wynter (Ariel Martin): The youngest of the werewolves, a cute and bubbly omega who loves music and dancing. She is sweet, energetic, and enthusiastic, but she also has a rebellious streak and a knack for trouble.

  • Bonzo (James Godfrey): Zed's best friend, a zombie who speaks mostly in zombie language. He is loyal, goofy, and fun-loving, but he also has a hidden talent for baking.

  • Bree (Carla Jeffery): Addison's best friend, a human cheerleader who supports Addison and Zed's relationship. She is cheerful, supportive, and loyal, but she also has a crush on Bonzo.

  • Eliza (Kylee Russell): Zed's other best friend, a zombie who is smart and sassy. She is outspoken, sarcastic, and loyal, but she also has a soft spot for Bucky.

  • Bucky (Trevor Tordjman): Addison's cousin and former cheer captain, a human who is arrogant and snobby. He is competitive, bossy, and rude, but he also has a hidden talent for singing.

Why Watch Zombies 2?

Zombies 2 is not just a fun and musical sequel for Disney fans. It is also a movie that has many benefits for viewers of all ages. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch Zombies 2:

The Music and Dance of Zombies 2

Zombies 2 features nine original songs that showcase the talents of the cast and the genres of pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM. The songs are catchy, upbeat, and meaningful, as they express the emotions and themes of the movie. Some of the songs are:

  • We Got This: A song that celebrates teamwork and friendship among the zombies and humans.

  • We Own The Night: A song that introduces the werewolves and their wild lifestyle.

  • Flesh & Bone: A song that shows the clash between the zombies and the werewolves.

  • Someday (Reprise): A song that reprises the love theme from Zombies, but with a twist.

  • One For All: A song that unites all three groups in harmony and peace.

The songs are accompanied by amazing dance routines that showcase the skills and styles of the cast and the choreographers. The dances are energetic , creative, and diverse, as they reflect the personalities and cultures of the zombies, the humans, and the werewolves. Some of the dances are:

  • The Zombie Cheer: A dance that combines cheerleading and zombie moves.

  • The Werewolf Dance-Off: A dance that showcases the werewolves' agility and strength.

  • The Prawn Dance: A dance that mixes ballroom and hip-hop elements.

The Humor and Romance of Zombies 2

Zombies 2 is not only a musical, but also a comedy and a romance. The movie has many humorous scenes and dialogues that will make you laugh out loud. Some of the examples are:

  • The Zombie Makeover: A scene where Zed tries to look more human by wearing a wig, fake teeth, and makeup.

  • The Werewolf Prank: A scene where Wyatt pretends to be a dog and scares Bucky and his cheer squad.

  • The Zombie Rap Battle: A scene where Zed and Eliza rap against Bucky and his cousin Stacey (Jasmine Renee Thomas).

The movie also has many romantic scenes and dialogues that will make you swoon. Some of the examples are:

  • The Moonstone Necklace: A scene where Wyatt gives Addison a moonstone necklace, which is a symbol of his feelings for her.

  • The Zombie Mistletoe: A scene where Zed and Addison share a kiss under a zombie mistletoe, which is a plant that grows on zombies' heads.

  • The Prawn Dance: A scene where Zed and Addison dance together at Prawn, while Wyatt and Willa dance together in the background.

The Diversity and Inclusion of Zombies 2

Zombies 2 is not just a fun and musical sequel for Disney fans. It is also a movie that promotes diversity and inclusion among different groups and identities. The movie explores the themes of acceptance, tolerance, cooperation, and friendship among the zombies, the humans, and the werewolves. The movie also features a diverse cast of actors and actresses who represent different races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and abilities. Some of the examples are:

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