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Drift Phonk Essentials: A Guide to the Subgenre of Phonk

What is Drift Phonk?

If you are a fan of hip hop music, car racing, or TikTok videos, you might have heard of drift phonk. But what exactly is this genre, and why is it so popular? In this article, we will explore the origins, characteristics, influences, and future of drift phonk, a subgenre of phonk music that combines lo-fi beats with atmospheric soundscapes. Whether you are a curious listener or an aspiring producer, this article will help you understand and appreciate this exciting musical phenomenon.

The History of Drift Phonk

The Roots of Phonk

Drift phonk is a subgenre of phonk music, which itself is a subgenre of hip hop music. Phonk music is directly inspired by 1990s Memphis rap, a style of underground rap music that emerged in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis rap was characterized by its dark, gritty, and violent lyrics, often delivered in a fast and aggressive manner. Memphis rap also made use of chopped and screwed techniques, which involved slowing down and manipulating the pitch and tempo of songs to create a distorted and psychedelic sound.

drift phonk

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Some of the early pioneers and influencers of Memphis rap include DJ Screw, X-Raided, DJ Spanish Fly, DJ Squeeky, and the collective Three 6 Mafia. These artists produced low-budget mixtapes that were distributed locally or online. They also sampled from various sources such as horror movies, video games, funk music, and soul music. Memphis rap was largely ignored by the mainstream media and industry until the late-2000s and early-2010s, when it started to gain more attention and recognition from hip hop fans and critics.

The Rise of Drift Phonk

Drift phonk emerged in Russia in the late-2010s as a subgenre of phonk music. It is characterized by the use of high bass, cowbells, and distorted sounds. Drift phonk often features slowed-down samples from old-school funk and soul tracks, as well as eerie synth melodies. The genre is named after drifting, a driving The Opportunities of Drift Phonk

Despite the challenges, drift phonk also has many opportunities to grow and evolve as a genre. Here are some of the possible directions and trends that drift phonk could take in the future:

  • Cross-genre collaborations: Drift phonk could benefit from collaborating with other genres and artists, especially those that share similar influences or aesthetics. For example, drift phonk could work well with cloud rap, lo-fi, vaporwave, synthwave, or even metal. Collaborations could also expose drift phonk to new audiences and markets, as well as create new sounds and styles.

  • New markets: Drift phonk could expand its reach and popularity by tapping into new markets and regions, especially those that have a strong car culture or a love for underground music. For example, drift phonk could appeal to fans of drifting in Japan, Europe, or the Middle East. Drift phonk could also explore new platforms and media, such as video games, movies, or podcasts.

  • Social impact: Drift phonk could use its music and culture to make a positive social impact, such as raising awareness, supporting causes, or inspiring change. For example, drift phonk could address issues such as road safety, environmental protection, or social justice. Drift phonk could also use its music and culture to celebrate diversity, creativity, and community.

The Tips for Drift Phonk Fans and Producers

If you are a fan or a producer of drift phonk, here are some tips and resources that might help you enjoy or create this genre:

  • Listen to the classics: To appreciate the roots and influences of drift phonk, you should listen to some of the classic Memphis rap artists and tracks that inspired it. Some of the essential names include DJ Screw, Three 6 Mafia, Tommy Wright III, Gangsta Pat, Lil Noid, DJ Zirk, and DJ Spanish Fly. You can find many of their mixtapes and songs on YouTube or SoundCloud.

  • Discover new artists: To keep up with the latest and greatest drift phonk artists and tracks, you should follow some of the platforms and channels that showcase them. Some of the popular ones include Evil Aesthetic (YouTube), Ryan Celsius (YouTube), Phonk & Furious (YouTube), Phonk Heaven (website), Phonk Records (label), Black 17 Media (label), and Phonk (Spotify playlist).

  • Learn the basics: To start making your own drift phonk beats and tracks, you should learn some of the basic skills and tools that are involved. Some of the essential skills include sampling, chopping and screwing, mixing and mastering, and beatmaking. Some of the common tools include FL Studio (software), Roland TR-808 (drum machine), cowbell (instrument), and Memphis rap acapellas (vocals).

  • Experiment with your sound: To develop your own style and identity as a drift phonk producer, you should experiment with different sounds and elements that suit your taste and vision. You can try using different samples, synths, effects, tempos, or genres to create your own unique drift phonk sound. You can also draw inspiration from other producers or artists that you admire or respect.

  • Share your work: To get feedback, exposure, and support for your drift phonk work, you should share it with other fans and producers of the genre. You can upload your work to platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, or Spotify. You can also join online communities such as Reddit (/r/phonk), Discord (Phonk Hub), or Facebook (Phonk Music Group) to interact with other drift phonk enthusiasts.


Drift phonk is a subgenre of phonk music that combines lo-fi beats with atmospheric soundscapes. It is popular among car enthusiasts and TikTok users who enjoy its hazy and nostalgic vibe. Drift phonk originated from 1990s Memphis rap and emerged in Russia in the late-2010s. It is characterized by high bass, cowbells, distorted vocals, and samples. Drift phonk has gained mainstream recognition through platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Fast and Furious. Drift phonk faces challenges such as legal disputes, oversaturation, and innovation, but also has opportunities such as cross-genre collaborations, new markets, and social impact. Drift phonk fans and producers can enjoy and create this genre by listening to the classics, discovering new artists, learning the basics, experimenting with their sound, and sharing their work.

Drift phonk is a genre that celebrates the thrill of drifting, the nostalgia of the 90s, and the underground spirit of hip hop. It is a genre that is constantly evolving and expanding, driven by the passion and creativity of its fans and producers. If you are looking for a genre that is fresh, exciting, and diverse, drift phonk might be the one for you.


  • What is the difference between phonk and drift phonk? Phonk is a subgenre of hip hop music that is inspired by 1990s Memphis rap and chopped and screwed techniques. Drift phonk is a subgenre of phonk music that is popular among car enthusiasts and TikTok users. It features high bass, cowbells, distorted vocals, and samples.

  • Who are some of the most popular drift phonk artists? Some of the most popular drift phonk artists include DJ Yung Vamp, Mythic, Soudiere, Roland Jones, Baker Ya Maker, DJ Akoza, DJ Smokey, NxxxxxS, and Inteus.

  • Where can I find drift phonk music? You can find drift phonk music on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or TikTok. You can also follow some of the platforms and channels that showcase drift phonk music, such as Evil Aesthetic, Ryan Celsius, Phonk & Furious, Phonk Heaven, Phonk Records, Black 17 Media, and Phonk (Spotify playlist).

  • How can I make drift phonk music? To make drift phonk music, you need some basic skills and tools such as sampling, chopping and screwing, mixing and mastering, and beatmaking. You also need some common tools such as FL Studio (software), Roland TR-808 (drum machine), cowbell (instrument), and Memphis rap acapellas (vocals). You can also experiment with different sounds and elements to create your own style and identity.

  • What are some of the benefits of listening to or making drift phonk music? Listening to or making drift phonk music can have many benefits such as enhancing your mood, boosting your creativity, expressing your emotions, relieving your stress, improving your concentration, expanding your musical taste, connecting with other fans or producers, and having fun.

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