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NBA 2K20 APK for Android 11: How to Install and Play

How to Download NBA 2K20 in Android 11

If you are a fan of basketball and video games, you might be interested in playing NBA 2K20 on your Android device. NBA 2K20 is one of the most popular and realistic basketball simulation games available for mobile platforms. However, if you have updated your device to Android 11, the latest version of the operating system, you might encounter some difficulties or issues when downloading or playing NBA 2K20. In this article, we will show you how to download NBA 2K20 in Android 11 and how to fix some common bugs and button problems that might affect your gaming experience.


What is NBA 2K20?

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the 21st installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K19. It was released on September 6, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. NBA 2K20 features various game modes, such as MyCareer, MyTeam, MyLeague, MyGM, and Run The Streets, where players can create and customize their own players, teams, leagues, and careers. NBA 2K20 also features a new soundtrack with songs from Drake, Diplo, T-Pain, and more.

how to download nba 2k20 in android 11

What is Android 11?

Android 11 is the eleventh major release and the 18th version of the Android mobile operating system. It was officially released on September 8, 2020 for supported Google Pixel devices and other partner devices. Android 11 introduces several new features and improvements, such as chat bubbles, notification history, screen recorder, smart device controls, media controls, privacy enhancements, wireless Android Auto support, and more.

Why download NBA 2K20 in Android 11?

Downloading NBA 2K20 in Android 11 can offer you several benefits, such as:

  • Enjoying the classic 2K action on the go with your Android device

  • Experiencing the history of some of the most famous NBA players and teams with five new NBA Stories

  • Building your own player and going on your journey from college to the NBA with a new MyCareer storyline

  • Taking control of a team as the GM and managing the roster, budget, draft, and more with The Association mode

  • Competing against other players around the world in a series of three-on-three streetball competitions with Run The Streets mode

  • Listening to a new soundtrack that accompanies you on your journey to the top of the NBA

How to Download NBA 2K20 in Android 11

Step 1: Check your device compatibility

Before you download NBA 2K20 in Android 11, you need to make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements to run the game smoothly. According to the Google Play Store, NBA 2K20 requires at least 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of free storage space, and Android 4.3 or higher. However, some users have reported that the game works better on devices with 4 GB of RAM or more, and Android 8.0 or higher. You can check your device specifications by going to Settings > About phone > Hardware information.

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Step 2: Purchase NBA 2K20 from Google Play Store

Once you have verified that your device is compatible, you can purchase NBA 2K20 from the Google Play Store for $5.99. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your device and search for NBA 2K20.

  • Select the game from the search results and tap on the green Buy button.

  • Enter your payment details and confirm your purchase.

  • Wait for the game to download and install on your device.

Step 3: Download and install NBA 2K20 APK and OBB files

After purchasing NBA 2K20 from the Google Play Store, you will also need to download and install two additional files: the APK file and the OBB file. The APK file is the application package file that contains the game's code and resources, while the OBB file is the expansion file that contains the game's data and assets. These files are necessary for the game to run properly on Android 11 devices. To download and install these files, follow these steps:

  • Go to this link and download the NBA 2K20 APK file and the NBA 2K20 OBB file.

  • Locate the downloaded files on your device using a file manager app and tap on the NBA 2K20 APK file to install it.

  • Do not launch the game yet. Instead, go to your device's internal storage and create a new folder named "obb" inside the "Android" folder.

  • Copy or move the NBA 2K20 OBB file to the "obb" folder that you just created.

  • Make sure that the OBB file is named "com.t2ksports.nba2k20and.main.obb" and that its size is about 3 GB.

Step 4: Launch NBA 2K20 and enjoy the game

Now that you have downloaded and installed all the necessary files, you can finally launch NBA 2K20 and enjoy the game on your Android 11 device. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to your device's app drawer and tap on the NBA 2K20 icon to launch the game.

  • Wait for the game to load and verify your license.

  • Select your preferred language and accept the terms of service.

  • Choose your favorite team and start playing.

How to Fix Bugs and Button Problems of NBA 2K20 after the Android 11 Update

Common issues and solutions

While downloading and playing NBA 2K20 in Android 11 can be fun and exciting, it can also come with some challenges and frustrations. Some users have reported that they have encountered various bugs and button problems after updating their devices to Android 11. These issues can affect the performance and quality of the game, as well as ruin your gaming experience. Here are some of the most common issues and solutions that you can try if you face them:

Issue: The game crashes or freezes during gameplay

Solution: Clear cache and data, update the game, or reinstall the game

If your game crashes or freezes during gameplay, it might be due to corrupted or outdated cache or data files, or incompatible or buggy game updates. To fix this issue, you can try clearing the cache and data of the game, updating the game to the latest version, or reinstalling the game completely. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > NBA 2K20 and tap on Storage.

  • Tap on Clear cache and Clear data and confirm your action.

  • Go back to the Google Play Store and check for any available updates for NBA 2K20. If there are any, download and install them.

  • If the issue persists, uninstall NBA 2K20 from your device and repeat the steps from the previous section to download and install it again.

Issue: The buttons are not responsive or misplaced on the screen

Solution: Adjust the button layout, enable full screen mode, or use a controller

If your buttons are not responsive or misplaced on the screen, it might be due to the different aspect ratios or screen sizes of Android 11 devices, or the interference of other apps or features on your device. To fix this issue, you can try adjusting the button layout in the game settings, enabling full screen mode on your device, or using a compatible controller to play the game. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Launch NBA 2K20 and go to Options > Controller Settings > Button Layout.

  • Drag and drop the buttons to your preferred positions on the screen and save your changes.

  • Go to Settings > Display > Full screen apps and toggle on NBA 2K20 to enable full screen mode for the game.

  • If you have a compatible controller, such as a Bluetooth or USB controller, connect it to your device and use it to play the game.

Issue: The game lags or runs slowly on Android 11 devices

Solution: Lower the graphics settings, close background apps, or free up storage space

If your game lags or runs slowly on Android 11 devices, it might be due


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