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Marriage Card Game for PC - Experience the Fun of Cards with Android Emulator

How to Download and Play Marriage Card Game on PC

Marriage Card Game is a popular card game in Nepal, Bhutan, and among the Nepali diaspora. It is based on making sets of three or more matching cards of the same rank or suit. If you want to enjoy this game on your PC, you have two options: using an Android emulator or using a web browser. In this article, we will show you how to download and play Marriage Card Game on PC using both methods.

What is Marriage Card Game?

Marriage Card Game is a matching card game played with three decks of cards. The game consists of five stages: dealing, primary sets, secondary sets, ending, and scoring. The overall objective of the game is to arrange all twenty-one cards into sets. The first objective is to make three pure sets, which are sets of three or more cards of the same rank and suit. The second objective is to end the game by discarding the last card. The final objective is to score the highest number of points by making sets and bonuses.

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The rules and objectives of the game

The game uses three standard 52-card decks. Jokers are optional; if jokers are included, they are wildcards. The player to the dealer's right gets the first card (the offered or choice card). The dealer deals a hand of twenty-one cards counter-clockwise to each player. The remaining cards (known as stock cards) are kept face down in a stack. The top stock card is removed and placed face up; the player on the dealer's right picks it up to start the game.

Players can pick up the top card from the deck or take the offered card. The chosen card is face-up, and the first card in the stock is face-down. After a player takes a card, they will have 22 cards. The player discards a card face-up, the offered card to the next player. Play moves to the right. If the player misses discarding the card or picking up and does only one, the player has to finish the game with less number of cards which is more difficult. If the player does not want the choice card, they place it on the discard pile (which increases as the number of stock cards decreases). When the stock pile is empty, the discard pile is shuffled and placed face-down to form a new stock pile.

A set is a group of at least three cards. It may contain a:

  • Tunnel (also known as a tunnela, tunella or tunnella): Three cards of the same rank and suit, such as 4 4 4. A tunnel after the primary deal is worth five points if it is displayed before a player picks a card from the stockpile; otherwise, it is only one of the three primary sets.

  • Trial (also known as trail or set): Three cards of equal rank but different suits, such as Q Q Q. A trial after primary deal is worth three points if it is displayed before picking up from stock; otherwise it counts as one primary set.

  • Sequence (also known as run): Three or more consecutive cards of same suit such as 5 6 7 8. A sequence can also be formed with a joker replacing any card.

  • Pair (also known as dublee or dubli): Two cards of same rank and suit such as K K. A pair can be used as part of a secondary set after making three primary sets.

Bonuses are extra points awarded for certain combinations or achievements, such as:

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