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Pou: The Best Game to Have Your Own Alien Pet on iOS

Download Game Pou iOS: How to Adopt and Customize Your Own Alien Pet

Do you love cute and quirky games that let you express your creativity and have fun? If so, you might want to download game pou ios, a popular virtual pet game that lets you take care of your own alien pet. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Pou, how to download it on your iPhone or iPad, how to customize it, and why you should play it today.

What is Pou?

A virtual pet game for iOS devices

Pou is a game developed by Zakeh Limited, a company based in Lebanon. It was released in 2012 for Android devices, and later in 2014 for iOS devices. Pou is an alien creature that resembles a brown potato with eyes, mouth, and limbs. You can adopt a Pou as your own pet, and take care of it as if it were a real animal.

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The features and gameplay of Pou

Pou is a game that combines elements of simulation, casual, and arcade genres. You can interact with your Pou in various ways, such as feeding it, cleaning it, playing with it, and watching it grow up. You can also level up your Pou and unlock different wallpapers and outfits to suit your taste. You can play mini-games in the game room, experiment with potions in the lab, visit and play with your friends' Pous, and talk to your Pou and listen back.

How to download Pou on your iPhone or iPad

The steps to install Pou from the App Store

If you want to download game pou ios, you need to have an iOS device that runs on iOS 12.0 or later. You can follow these simple steps to install Pou from the App Store:

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