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A huge problem for most transcribers is hand pain. When working on the Transcriberry service it is important that body and hand position is correct, otherwise... Who is familiar with numbness of fingers, pain in the hand, rapidly growing tension and constant fatigue? I'm sharing tips on proper body and hand positioning when working on the keyboard: ✨Important is how you sit. Adjust the height of your chair. Your back should be straight and not touching the backrest. Relax your jaw, neck, and shoulders. ✨Arm position. Check that your shoulders and elbows are "looking down" and parallel to your body. Your elbows should be bent at a 90° angle. Your hands, forearms and elbows should be level with the keyboard. Make sure that your elbows are not too close to your body or too far apart: they should remain in their most natural position, without "compensation" to the left or to the right. The practice exceeded all my expectations, if only because I here got practically personalized training. Where and how else could I learn like that? My initial goals were to find out more precisely what kind of activity, what I needed to know besides to to do it, whether I could do it. do it. As I dug deeper into the information, my initial notion of of transcribing had undergone some changes. This type of activity requires concentration, assiduity, literacy. If you approach to do the orders without thinking, then. it is very likely that the customer won't come back. I would really like to continue to develop and and 'improve in this area. And, of course, to work and see the results of my work. Emotions during the Workshop were received completely ranging from irritation that not working out to joy that finally succeeded, from "I I can't do it anymore" to the discovery "second breath." Thank you so much to our mentors @$/ohepkodana and @1osapsK for your patience, positive attitude and great professionalism. I am grateful for this getting to know each other and I am very much looking forward to to work with you in the future. I already started to say thank you yesterday, because. I realized what a lot of work has been done mentors in the preparation of the course and in the the process of training. I have not for one minute regretted the money and time spent! Everything was clearly and competently built. I will definitely continue to follow You in social networks. If it will present itself opportunity, I will recommend everyone You not only as a course on transcribing, but also as a company for ordering work. RELATED RESOURCES: Tips and Tricks to Record Better Audio

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