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When kids are preparing for college, they have a lot on their minds: which school to go to, what to major in, where to live, how to pay. They are excited about decorating their dorm rooms and being on their own for the first time in their lives.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to college life. There are health issues, drinking and drug problems, fights, and in too many young women’s experience; rape. These include Wabash College in Indiana, Morehouse College in Georgia and Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. Most all-male institutions are small liberal-arts schools, granting undergraduate degrees. Hampden-Sydney College, with an enrollment slightly higher than a 1,000 students is the best known of these colleges. Read on to learn more about what is being done to prevent college rape and how some colleges are dealing with these tragedies. Be sure to view the video at the end on how to avoid date rape!

Slate Magazine (blog)

How the Internet Revolutionized Campus Anti-Rape Activism

Slate Magazine (blog)

Most crucially, as Occidental College’s movement shows, these online online assignment writing strategies won’t only help college students when they’re on Facebook (“Sign this petition to stop rape!”). They’re really enabling students to secure what they’ve always needed. College promotes itself as a gentleman’s college that teaches young men to be gentlemen in all situations, who avoid lying, cheating or stealing and who do not tolerate those who exhibit this type of behavior. To attract students, their admissions page highlights Hampden-Sydney’s reputation for molding men of character who live by a 200-year-old honor code, and who can also meet the challenges of 21st century living.

…More at How the Internet Revolutionized Campus Anti-Rape Activism – Slate Magazine (blog)

Parlour Magazine’s Nakia D. Hansen explains why she’s so enraged by what appears to be a trend of universities failing to prevent sexual assault in the first place, to investigate claims of sexual assault, to protect and support. In an article from Morehouse College’s The Maroon Tiger, entitled The Benefits of Men’s Colleges, young men discuss their reasons for choosing all-male institutions. These include being more comfortable in the general environment and particularly in the classroom, since a single-gender class allows the students to speak freely about topics that in a co-ed environment can prompt hurt feelings or anger from peers.

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