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What Should Reflect and Emphasize the Review of the Dissertation?

A document called “review for a thesis” can be formed by only two parties: a supervisor and official opponents. All other files that provide a brief or detailed description of a scientific work is called reviews, and their compilers are called reviewers.

Features of the dissertation review

The supervisor's review is intended to provide a detailed analysis of the achievements of the author of the scientific research. It is issued on 1-3 sheets of A4. Before writing a review, the expert should carefully read the dissertation, study it from cover to cover. Moreover, this document should emphasize the key points of the study and the results obtained, the competence and skills of the author.

In fact, a dissertation review is a kind of characteristic of the applicant and a capacious description of the work done by which means it must contain the following elements:

  • Assessment of the relevance of the issue under study: how relevant is the chosen topic, did the author manage to prove its relevance and importance, significance;

  • Assessment of the quality of the material: how competently the study was performed, the presence of errors, contradictions, inconsistencies, objectivity of judgments and proposals;

  • Evaluation of conclusions in the dissertation: validity and argumentation, accuracy of formulations, innovations proposed by the researcher (their novelty and effectiveness);

  • Comparison of goals, objectives, ideas and results, assessment of the completeness of the disclosure of the topic;

  • Checking sources of information for reliability and validity;

  • Proper design of the project (compliance with all approved requirements, rules and recommendations);

  • Determination of the advantages and disadvantages of work, expert recommendations.

The writer of the review must understand the responsibility that he assumes. The fate of the applicant may depend on each of his words: the award or refusal to award a scientific degree, etc. Therefore, when formulating thoughts and recommendations, one must be adequate, objective and truthful.

Also, the reviewer can describe the possibilities of applying the results obtained in the future (purely personal opinion). He can also assess the degree of fulfillment of an individual training plan (writing a dissertation), the difficulties faced by the author of a scientific work, etc. At the same time, the expert must have all the information and about all stages a personal idea, and not from the words of the author.

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