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Write a Literature Review

A literature review is an academic document in which a student reviews and critiques a work of literature based on specific criteria. There are many different types of literature that may qualify for a review, including plays, novels, novellas, poetry, essays, articles, and short stories. Therefore, literature reviews can be written for just about any written work.

Most often, literature reviews are written as part of an upper-level English class. In order to write a thorough literature review, a student not only needs to read a written work, but the student also needs to think critically about the written work.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a literary report is that it is a critique of a written work. The author of the literature review can write the critique from a variety of different perspectives, including the effectiveness of the author, the style of the written work, themes presented in the written work, and more. If a professor requires students to write composition reviews, the professor will generally indicate what particular aspects of the written work students should critique.

Literature reviews are generally written from a third-person perspective. However, students may include their own opinions if an assignment calls for them. Students should always check with the professor or the best essay writing service for specific instructions.

There are certain requirements that must be included in all literature reviews, including the following: introduction to the piece of literature (including themes, ideas, and information that are discussed in the work of literature), body, and conclusion. The body of the literature review should discuss important themes, influences, and ideas in depth. The conclusion of the literature review should state whether a piece of literature effectively communicated applicable ideas and information or whether or not the work of literature fell short of its purpose.

Literature reviews will often introduce information about the author as well, including influences that may have encouraged the author to write the particular piece of work. Therefore, students generally have to learn about the author and his or her influences into to write a thorough literature review.

A literature review is often confused with a report. It is easy to confuse the two, as both are academic works that are intended to help a student communicate his or her reaction to a particular idea, body of work, or piece of information. However, a literary report is always a critical document in which the student is required to state whether or not a piece of literature was effective and well-composed.

An essay can sometimes also be a literature review. However, an essay does not necessarily require that the student provide in-depth analysis and critical thinking regarding a written work. An essay can also be written on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, literature.

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