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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - What's New, What's Different, and What's Awesome

Total War: Three Kingdoms - A Review of the Epic Strategy Game

If you are a fan of strategy games, historical settings, and epic battles, you might want to check out Total War: Three Kingdoms. This is the latest installment in the award-winning Total War series, and the first one to recreate the legendary conflict across ancient China. In this article, we will review the game and tell you why it is worth playing.

total war three kingdoms

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What is Total War: Three Kingdoms?

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a strategy game that combines turn-based empire-building and real-time battles. The game is set in the turbulent era of the Three Kingdoms, when China was divided into three rival states: Wei, Shu, and Wu. You can choose from 12 legendary warlords, each with their own unique personality, abilities, and units. Your goal is to unify China under your rule, while dealing with military, political, economic, and diplomatic challenges.

Why should you play it?

Total War: Three Kingdoms is not just another strategy game. It is a game that redefines the genre in an age of heroes and legends. Here are some of the reasons why you should play it:

  • It offers a rich and immersive historical setting, based on the famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the historical records of the period.

  • It features a cast of charismatic and memorable characters, each with their own story, motivations, and relationships. You can recruit heroic characters to aid your cause, form alliances or rivalries with other warlords, and witness dynamic events that shape the course of history.

  • It gives you multiple ways to play and win, depending on your preferred style and strategy. You can focus on expanding your territory, developing your economy, building your army, or influencing your allies and enemies. You can also choose between two modes: Romance, which emphasizes the individual prowess and abilities of your characters; or Records, which offers a more realistic and historical experience.

  • It delivers stunning graphics and sound, creating a vivid and authentic representation of ancient China. You can marvel at the breathtaking landscapes, the detailed animations, and the spectacular battles. You can also enjoy the immersive music and voice acting, which add to the atmosphere and emotion of the game.


Campaign mode

The main mode of Total War: Three Kingdoms is the campaign mode, where you can play as one of the 12 warlords and lead them to glory or ruin. The campaign mode consists of two phases: the turn-based phase and the real-time phase.

Choose your warlord

The first step in the campaign mode is to choose your warlord. Each warlord has their own starting position, faction mechanics, units, and objectives. For example, Cao Cao is a brilliant strategist who can manipulate other factions with his schemes; Liu Bei is a benevolent leader who can inspire loyalty among his followers; Sun Jian is a daring adventurer who can expand his territory by exploring the southlands; and so on. Your choice of warlord will determine your initial challenges, allies, enemies, and opportunities.

Manage your empire

The turn-based phase is where you manage your empire on a map of China. You can move your armies, construct buildings, develop technologies, conduct diplomacy, enact reforms, recruit characters, and more. You have to balance your resources, such as food, money, public order, prestige, and satisfaction. You also have to deal with various events and dilemmas that may affect your situation. For example, you may face natural disasters, peasant rebellions, faction intrigues, or Fight epic battles

The real-time phase is where you fight epic battles on the battlefield. You can command your armies, consisting of various types of units, such as infantry, cavalry, archers, artillery, and more. You can also use your characters, who have special abilities and skills that can turn the tide of the battle. You have to consider the terrain, weather, morale, fatigue, and formations of your troops. You can also lay siege to enemy cities, or defend your own from invaders. You can choose to fight the battles yourself, or let the computer resolve them automatically.

Multiplayer mode

If you want to play with or against other players, you can try the multiplayer mode of Total War: Three Kingdoms. The multiplayer mode offers two options: co-op or competitive.

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Co-op or competitive

In co-op mode, you can team up with another player and share the same campaign. You can help each other in battles, diplomacy, and events. You can also trade resources, characters, and territories. You can choose to play as the same faction, or as different factions that are allied or neutral. In competitive mode, you can play against another player and compete for the same campaign. You can fight each other in battles, sabotage each other's plans, and vie for supremacy. You can choose to play as different factions that are enemies or rivals.

Online battles and sieges

If you prefer a more quick and casual experience, you can also play online battles and sieges with other players. You can create or join a custom lobby, where you can choose the map, the rules, and the settings of the match. You can also join a ranked match, where you can compete with other players of similar skill level and earn points and rewards. You can choose from various modes, such as team battle, free-for-all, siege assault, siege defense, and more.

Graphics and Sound

Stunning visuals and animations

One of the most impressive aspects of Total War: Three Kingdoms is its graphics and animations. The game uses a new engine that allows for more detailed and realistic visuals. The game features a variety of landscapes, from lush forests and mountains to arid deserts and plains. The game also depicts the different seasons and weather effects, such as snow, rain, fog, and fire. The game also showcases the diverse cultures and architectures of ancient China, from the majestic palaces and temples to the humble villages and farms.

The game also boasts of stunning animations, especially in the battles. The game can display thousands of units on the screen at once, each with their own movements and behaviors. The game also features realistic physics and collisions, making the battles more dynamic and chaotic. The game also highlights the individuality and personality of the characters, who have their own facial expressions, gestures, and interactions.

Immersive music and voice acting

Another impressive aspect of Total War: Three Kingdoms is its music and voice acting. The game features an original soundtrack that captures the mood and atmosphere of the game. The music is composed by Richard Beddow, who has worked on previous Total War games. The music is influenced by traditional Chinese instruments and melodies, as well as modern orchestral elements. The music changes depending on the situation and context of the game, such as peaceful exploration, tense diplomacy, or epic combat.

The game also features immersive voice acting that adds to the emotion and immersion of the game. The game offers two options for voice acting: English or Mandarin. The English voice acting is performed by professional actors who have done extensive research on the characters and accents of the period. The Mandarin voice acting is performed by native speakers who have done authentic pronunciation and intonation of the language. The voice acting conveys the personality and emotion of the characters, as well as the dialogue and narration of the game.


Pros and cons

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a game that has many pros and cons. Here are some of them:



- Rich and immersive historical setting

- High system requirements

- Charismatic and memorable characters</


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