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Hindi Dubbed Attraction (2017) Full Movie 720p Download | Stream Online

Attraction (2017): A Russian Sci-Fi Movie with an Alien Twist

If you are a fan of science fiction movies, you might have heard of Attraction, a 2017 Russian film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. It is one of the highest-grossing Russian sci-fi movies ever, and it has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. But what makes this movie stand out from other alien invasion stories? And how can you watch it in hindi dubbed and in 720p quality? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

What is the movie about?

Attraction is not your typical alien invasion movie. It is more of a drama and romance film with sci-fi elements. It explores the themes of love, loyalty, prejudice, and identity through the interactions between humans and aliens.

attraction (2017) full movie in hindi dubbed download 720p

The plot summary

The movie begins with a meteor shower that hits Earth, causing a massive alien spaceship to crash-land in Moscow. The Russian government declares martial law and tries to contain the situation, while the local residents react with fear, anger, and curiosity. Among them is Yulia, a young woman who lives with her father, Colonel Lebedev, who is in charge of the military operation. Yulia is unhappy with her life and her relationship with her boyfriend Artyom, who is a violent and rebellious leader of a gang. One night, she sneaks out of her home and encounters one of the aliens, who has escaped from the spaceship. She saves his life and learns that his name is Hakon, and that he is part of a peaceful and advanced race that came to Earth for research purposes. Yulia and Hakon develop a bond and fall in love, but their relationship is threatened by Artyom, who wants to kill the alien and start a riot against the government.

The main characters

The movie focuses on three main characters:

  • Yulia (played by Irina Starshenbaum) is the protagonist of the movie. She is a smart and brave woman who feels trapped in her mundane life. She is fascinated by Hakon and his world, and she wants to escape with him.

  • Hakon (played by Rinal Mukhametov) is the alien who falls in love with Yulia. He is a kind and curious being who wants to understand humans and their culture. He has special abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and healing.

  • Artyom (played by Alexander Petrov) is the antagonist of the movie. He is Yulia's ex-boyfriend and the leader of a gang of thugs. He is a violent and selfish man who hates the aliens and the government. He wants to use Hakon's spaceship as a weapon to start a revolution.

The themes and messages

The movie explores several themes and messages that are relevant to our modern society:

  • The movie shows how humans can be hostile and fearful towards anything that is different or unknown. It also shows how propaganda and misinformation can fuel hatred and violence.